Urban Shadows - Tales of Tokyo

Tales of Toyko

Rumors of the city

Suho Park, the hunter, learns of wizards infiltrating the imperial palace. Breaking in to investigate lands him in a stalemate with a formidable immortal guard, where his only escape comes from the emperor himself.

Elijah Black, the oracle, has his visions of someone working to awaken people’s latent magical abilities. Importer and smuggler for the occult underground confirms this with recent shipments of magical components.

Edward “Jackrabbit” Krayton, the vampire, looks into rumors of demons causing riots to break out at clubs in his clan’s territory. In the aftermath of one of these scenes, he comes across a medallion with some strong magical resonance.

Erik Sternberg, the werewolf, uncovers a plot to assassinate people in power, but the conspirators have caught wind of the interloper.


blatoe blatoe

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