Urban Shadows - Tales of Tokyo

Plague of the Magus - Part 2

Visitors at the gates

Erik takes to the palace roofs, noticing security flanking towards the front gates and disregarding the werewolf. Skirting the tiled roofs to view , a slight scrabble to avoid falling at a height standoff occurs in a run in with a

Runs into fay

Guards inside the Palace give Suho ParkSuho, Elijah and Edward a wide berth as they roam the halls of the palace. Things get heated when Jimmu decked out in samurai gear stop their advance.

Elijah shares a vision with Jimmu about the man with corrupted words and of all the outsiders present on the grounds witnessing this.

Edward bails on the guys, runs into a demon in a suit, medallion reacts and teleports him to the roof of a highrise building.

Suho and Elijah have a meet and greet with the emperor, who shows keen interest in the oracle’s prophesy.

Erik gets caught in the foul words the ragged man spewed, but manages to cut the problem at it’s source and bite the head off the prophet.

Suho and Elijah come out of the palace in time to witness this as everyone comes to their sense, Jimmu and Erik near the now headless body and a samuri’s sword lodged in the werewolf’s side.

Erik growls to intimidate, with Jimmu not backing off, Suho drawing his bow on the immortal, and guards drawing weapons on all the outsiders

Suho hits up a broker with the wild to get more info on what’s going on.

Edward’s attempt to get info on the dealings in the blue cowboy results in a tenuous business agreement of getting rid of undercover cops.
He take’s an isolated man and feeds on him with the intent to turn him into a vampire.


blatoe blatoe

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