Urban Shadows - Tales of Tokyo

The Day After - Part 1

Lessons in schduling

Erik had a meeting with the priest of his temple about the sword lodged in him from he night before, but was unable to find anything special about it, but learned of a meeting the priest was invited to attend.

Erik sought out the help of the exiled wizard in hiding for information on the sword. Once there. the wizard’s month long absence became apparent, as did traces of the werewolf from the night before.

A lengthy hunt began for the intruder that ended on the athletic field at the university. After a verbal confrontation, Erik found that despite Sylvia’s pension for being at prominent places and tracking important people in the city, she was new to the area and in the dark about a who the players were and not able to put a name to a face.

Edward dealt with the undercover cop he turned into a vampire, resulting chaos at the ware house district, one person dead, a traumatized survivor and grievous neck wounds to the vampire progenitor.

Edward sought help at a Bloodborn business front at the fish market, but the Vampire’s natural mistrust for each other did not make things easy.

A run in with the green skinned demon from the night before on his way back home, pulled him into a meeting when Edward refused to give over the medallion.

Alain GioIlamhuire, the outsider, with Ryan as backup they moved in to the shrine rumored to be a front for some sore of wizard scheme in hopes of finding some sort of trace from his absent memories. The two end up coming across a meeting with colorful members. x x x x x x x x


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