Urban Shadows - Tales of Tokyo

Plague of the Magus - Part 1

Intrusion on the Imperial Palace

Edward met Shin Yoko of the Children of the Night and learned of a club dealing something that could put a Vampire in to a coma.

Elijah spoke with Terri about the significance runes in from his apocalyptic vision and was told about the old form of magic the practitioner would be using.

Suho gets caught by security trying to sneak into the palace, but manages to escape before coming face to face with someone ordering a meet. He calls in favors on everyone to aid him on his third attempt to infiltrate the palace.

Erik tracked down an amateur wizard Kenji to dig into who was behind the plot to assassinate people of power and look into the rumor of Magus in the Imperial Place.

They met an increase in security around the perimeter as they infiltrated. Erik in his transformed state caused a distraction, crossing another one of his kind who help each other against the guard’s gunfire.

Inside it’s halls, Elijah is able to see the palace as a massive foci that channels for some sort of force for the Emperor. They meet some resistance of guards where Suho ends up accidentally shooting Elijah with a tranquilizer gun.


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